About House of Fire


Master Trainer Carlos Bingham, brings the BEST OF THE BEST in the health & fitness industry!  He is known for bringing that passion for optimal fat loss and an overall head to toe experience!

Spearheaded by Carlos Bingham aka The #BodySnatcher - House of Fire is a collaborative fitness experience designed to take your body and mind to NEW levels!  Its beyond fitness!  What you will get here is a total inner and outer body experience set to empower your life, change your body, EXCEED your goals, and get you back to the YOU you desire to be!

Carlos Bingham, certified master trainer is truly dedicated to his craft in offering you an experience you will never forget and an experience he is positive you won't get ANYWHERE else!  Carlos takes Boot Camp & Personal Training to another level with his personal journey of weight loss, many years in his fitness career experience, and a genuine passion for fitness that most fitness professionals don't have!


The #BodySnatcher looks forward to raising the bar, setting new standards for fitness, and empowering the community through holistic health, fitness, and nutrition!


Thank you for your interest in THE HOTTEST 1-Stop-Shop for Body Transformation this side of Georgia!  Its time to #Snatch your health back!!!